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November 20, 2021

Fresh Proposals Software Update – November 2021

Fresh Proposals Software Update - Nov 2021

We have few integration + enhancements to Fresh Proposals this month..

Now, here are some of the Fresh Proposals Software Update – October + November 2021

Fresh Proposals Software Update – October + November 2021

Dropbox Integration

Fresh Proposals + Dropbox Integration


You wanted to automate storing of signed sales documents using Dropbox. Presenting Fresh Proposals integration with Dropbox. You can select desired folder in Dropbox wherein you would like to store all documents signed using Fresh Proposals and enable the integration to do the automated upload work.

Dropbox Integration with Fresh Proposals Software

Once all signees sign the proposal/ sales document, this integration will automatically create a folder with a proposal name and uploads the PDF file with timestamp to it.

Dropbox Integration with Fresh Proposals - Uploaded PDF File

Google Drive Integration

Fresh Proposals + Google Drive Integration


Similarly you can automate storing of signed proposal documents using Google Drive integration. Presenting Fresh Proposals integration with Google Drive.

Google Drive Integration with Fresh Proposals Software

Once Signed PDF files get automatically uploaded to Google Drive, it will look like this

Google Drive Integration - Signed PDF Uploaded to GDrive

Draw Signature

The e Signature in Fresh Proposals got even better. You and your clients can e sign the sales/ proposal and other kinds of documents using draw pad in Fresh Proposals.

Draw e Signature in Fresh Proposal Software


Customize Proposal Download Button in the Emailer

Just the way you are able to customize the View Proposal button, now you will be able to add and customize Download PDF button. Previously there was no option to add button in the thanking email, it was a plain URL that was available for clients to click.

Customize Proposal Download Button

We have added a new placeholder variable for this Proposal PDF link Download button. You will be able to find it in the list of variables.

Proposal Emailer - Download PDF Button Variable in the list

If you would like to type and manually enter the HTML code for variable you can use following snippet.


Clicking Signature Block Starts Signing Process

You can set link to an image / shape in the editor and client will be able to click on it. This can be helpful if you want to add your own CTA with shapes or images.

Click to eSign on the page using Proposal software


Stripe: Add customers to your Stripe account when they make payment

We have updated Stripe integration implementation such that if your clients make payment after accepting proposal, client details will be saved to Stripe as customer. Before this change, the payment made by your clients were not tied to any customer rather treated as guest payment.

Add Customers to Stripe using Fresh Proposals

What does it mean?

This change will allow you to manage the customer to greater extent using Stripe. It you can check invoices, credits, subscriptions, quotes, payments and payment methods used.

Customer Details as seen in Stripe

How to turn this option ON?

It is configurable/ optional whether to add a customer to your Stripe account based on the payment s/he makes via Fresh Proposals. The default is set to add client, you can change it at any time and it will get applicable next time onwards.

Stripe Integration with Proposal Software - Options

Proposals in draft state will not be accessible to client

We noticed a few instances wherein clients requested changes to proposal and proposer would start updating it and since clients could view the proposal, it would lock the proposal for further changes. In a way clients were able to view proposal even when before it can be updated properly. This change will prevents clients from accessing the proposal if it is being edited/ updated. In short, clients can not access proposals will not be accessible to the client when it is in the draft state.

NOTE: If you are manually sending proposal links to your client (using your own emails, outside Fresh Proposals software), kindly update the proposal status to ‘Sent’ in the Proposal Summary page.

Integration events in the dashboard

You will be able to see activities recorded

  1. As and when you connect/ disconnect a given integrations
  2. As and when you enable/ disable integrations and options available in it
  3. These are beside other important activities like when client views a proposal, signs the document, etc

Integration Activities in Dashboard

Validity Expired Message

If client tries to access your proposal after validity date has passed, it will be shown an updated message so that s/he will be able to contact you as a proposer.

Validity Expired Message for Clients

Proposal Listing Loader + Load more button

We noticed few instances with lower resolutions of screens / lower zoom levels of the browser and browsers with certain plugins were blocking automatic listing of next set of proposals. We have introduced Load More button in the bottom of the proposals listing page. For most users, scrolling down the page will load next set of proposals automatically, this button will be handy for those specific instances wherein next set of proposals are not loaded/available automatically.

Proposals Listing - Auto-Load Load More Button 1


Separate Integration Page

As number of integrations are increasing and unable to fit it in the current settings page, we have decided to add a separate page for integrations. It can be accessed from the top level left side panel.

Fresh Proposals Integrations Page


Proposal Details Page

Proposal details page is redesigned a bit to distinctly identify the blocks like our side, client side, proposal timeline, etc.

Proposal Status - Signee Status - Refactored UI


Fees Library Listing

The UI for Fees library listing is also updated and made consistent with overall UI. You will also be able to sort the list based on values in certain columns

Fees Library Listing - Sort List


Snippet Library Listing

Similarly, listing in the snippet library has been updated and it is now consistent with fees library listing.

Snippet Listing in Content Library


Zoom panel on the left side

As a proposer/editor looking at proposal preview, you would have noticed the change in the panel shown below. The zoom level tool and download icon are moved from the horizontal-top panel and placed to this vertical-left panel.

Zoom Menu on Left


More options on three dots of a proposal card

There are few options available if you right click on the proposal card and many users were not aware of it. To make it consistent and easier for all, we are including and displaying these options when user clicks on three dots on the card. So this is how it looks now.

Proposal Card - Three Dots Menu


eSignature Certificate in the PDF is redesigned

If you download the signed proposal PDF, it displays unique ID. Unique identifier was already associated with the signed document but now onward, you will be able to see it in the document as well.

eSignature Certificate in Signed PDF - Document ID

The UI depicting trail of important document activities is also updated as shown below.

eSignature Certificate in PDF with Activities


Bug Fixes

We fixed quite a few bugs, enlisting few of those especially if you have reported those to us.

Redirect to proposal page after login – Fixed

Many of you would have received similar email as shown below. It has a link to proposal summary page. If you are already logged in to Fresh Proposals, it would redirect to the proposal summary page correctly. However in the past, if you were not logged-in already, you would be prompted a login-page and once login was successful, you would still be on the dashboard.

This fix redirect you to document summary page correctly. No need to click on the link again.

Proposal Signed Notification Email


Proposal View button issue in email clients like Outlook 2016 – Fixed

A change in proposal View button has caused Proposal View button to render transparently in certain/specific email clients like Outlook 2016 on desktop. It turned out to be a known issue with Microsoft Outlook, so much so one can find numerous users/developers reported issue about button rendering in Microsoft Outlook (you can Google about it).

We fixed this issue immediately as soon as it was brought to our notice and we also fixed other instances (e.g. proposal reminder email) where view proposal button was customized. Though this issue is fixed last month itself, we wanted highlight it for anyone who might have noticed it then.


Emailer : Thanking email, changed label to Apply instead of Save to avoid confusion – Fixed

A couple of users reported confusion about using one-of-many thanking email in proposal emailer wizard. The label was causing this confusion, we have updated its label to avoid this confusion.

Emailer Thanking Email Apply Button


Right to Left (RTL): Incorrect alignment of sub total label in fees table – Fixed

The subtotal column was not correctly aligned in proposal view if RTL is enabled. This issue has been fixed.

RTL - Pricing Table -Subtotal alignment


Zapier : Fetching load more data for New Contacts, Proposals – Fixed

There was an issue fetching latest record for certain triggers; we have fixed the issue and you will be able to get latest records by clicking ‘Load More’ button in Zapier.

Zapier Integration - Load More for Company Contact B Available


Zapier : Fetching custom variables data for Contacts, Proposals – Fixed

For certain triggers like new contacts and proposals sent, custom variables were not getting fetched, it has been fixed now.

Zapier Integration - Custom Variables Pulled


Proposal download link wasn’t displayed as a link in certain email clients – Fixed

While most client would not face this issue but certain email clients do not render the https link as a clickable link; instead they would display the whole URL as plain text. It is not fixed and it will be clickable across all email clients.


Right to Left (RTL): Incorrect placement of mandatory mark for input fields – Fixed

An alignment of asterisk displayed for mandatory field was incorrect in case or Right to Left (RTL) option. It is now fixed.


Fees Table: Inconsistent Color picker icon making it hard to click – Fixed

The color picker component for font and the background has been working correctly but it was not consistent with overall UI, a correct component and icon are being used now.


Issue with mandatory fields in when proposal is unlocked multiple times – Fixed

It is not any regular issue or use case. One of the users has been unlocking proposal multiple times after client has signed proposal and it would make mandatory field to be clickable (value can be entered) for the proposer (but would not save, rightly so). It has been fixed now.


Pabbly: Issue in connecting certain accounts due to change in APIs: Fixed

Due to a change in API in Pabbly integrator, authentication was failing for users; it is fixed already.


Invite team member email – Certain email clients not displaying its content properly – Fixed

Few specific email clients like Zoho Desktop (Windows/ Mac/Web), older versions of Thunderbird (45 / 52/ 60) would not render ‘Invitation Email for Team Member’ properly. It is now fixed


Validation for previewing proposals without clients – Fixed

If you have not added client to the proposal, users noticed issues in displaying its preview. We have added validation if client is missing for a proposal, you will not face this issue further.


PDF import issue – Fixed

We have fixed issues related to the third party library that allows PDF import to Fresh Proposals. It has fixed issues related to


In case you have missed last update, here you go.

Quick Recap of (Previous) Sept 2021 Update

We released Sept 2021 update of Fresh Proposals software with new features such as integration with task/project collaboration software like Basecamp as well as Trello. We introduced Workspace feature, customizable proposal view button, resizable pricing table width, reordering of fee rows in the pricing table, custom link to shapes, images, etc.

Thank you for your support and love!

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