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SEO Experts, Unleash Your Power with this SEO proposal template & Win New Projects

Chances are, if you are a digital marketing agency and really good at search engine optimization (SEO),  you are churning numerous proposals every month. Writing a new  proposal from scratch can be nightmare but no more headache. Be the sales pro, use ready-to-use SEO proposal template and start converting new prospects quickly.

What is in this template? 


  • Pre-designed cover page
  • Pre-written SEO Services section
  • Project timeline and budget section

SEO Proposal Format

When it comes to creating a SEO proposal, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and energy if you have this proposal template to lean on. This proposal template allows you to customize each section of the SEO proposal for clients in a matter of minutes. 


With this SEO proposal template you have

Stunning Cover Page

The very first thing your client will notice is a visually appealing cover page of your SEO proposal. This cover page HAS IT what it takes to generate your client’s keen interest.

SEO Proposal Template - Cover Page

Welcome Note With Pain Points

The very first thing this SEO proposal template would do is it’ll make the person reading it nod their head. The cover letter enclosed in the template will quickly paint a picture for them of a familiar scenario: Their company and the problem they know they are facing and allow you to present the positives..

SEO Proposal - Cover Letter

Explain Why You’re the Right Fit

In this section, you can explain what unique qualities and capabilities you have, the awards to prove your worth and explain why you’re the right fit for search keyword, search engine ranking i.e. SEO needs.

SEO Proposal Template - About Us

Your SEO Services

This is the section where you’ll get a chance to explain what you are going to deliver. Here you can show how’ll make this SEO campaign successful by giving all the necessary details about the project deliverables.

SEO Proposal Template - Scope of SEO Services

Tell ’em You’ve Done it Already

Use this section to showcase that you have successfully ranked website page for certain keywords for similar client. Case study allows your customers to relate their problem and understand your SEO capabilities to solve it

SEO Proposal Template - Case Study

Your Investment

The investment section almost everyone wants to look at first. With this section, you can clearly present the pricing options, schedule using interactive pricing table and make them choose right ones and accept your proposal without a second thought.

SEO Proposal Template - Budget

Acceptance and T&C

Each SEO proposal template should have terms of services. This section where your SEO contract terms, fine print, and signature live. Please note, we are not legal experts, seek legal expert’s opinions about T&C mentioned in this section before sending a proposal to your clients.

SEO Contract Template

How to Write a SEO Proposal Template?


We already have an excellent SEO proposal guide that talks about things one should keep in mind, traps to avoid, sections you must include, design considerations, how to close SEO proposal and kick-off SEO project. This is an ultimate guide packed with tips to help you create a winning SEO proposal and close the deal.



Best Guide to Write SEO Proposal

  • How to write a compelling cover letter for SEO Proposal?
  • How to Write About Us section in SEO Proposal
  • How to present the SEO Team section in the proposal template
  • How to write clear and concise SEO statement of work?
  • How to write/propose an SEO project delivery timeline?
  • How to write the cost of SEO services in your SEO proposal?
  • What should you include in an SEO case study as a part of your SEO proposal?

Detailed Review of SEO Proposal

  • Critical review of a SEO cover letter included in the proposal
  • Assessing About Us section included in a SEO proposal
  • Review of SEO Team section in the proposal
  • Review of SEO services offered in the SEO proposal
  • Review of SEO delivery timeline in the proposal
  • Review of SEO Services Fees section in the proposal
  • Review of SEO Case study in a SEO Proposal

Is SEO Good for My Business?


Wrong question. Every business that has online presence or wants to drive more traffic to its website or app needs search engine optimization (SEO). And today, nearly every other individual is online, using Google, Youtube, Facebook, or business applications. In short, audience is online. It is imperative for any business to attract online audience to its brand, product or services. You can’t let them go, for lack of SEO. Hence good SEO is MUST for any such business.



SEO Proposal 

SEO proposal - What is it?

What is a SEO Proposal & Why it’s important?

SEO proposal is a sales pitch of an SEO agency to convince its prospective client about its offering, expertise to solve the client’s online/ SEO challenges. Whether you are making proactive or reactive contact with your prospective client. you need a formal proposal. 

Your SEO proposal is a sales-marketing tool to convince your prospect/client to work with you. It helps client understand your services, SEO strategy, capabilities, pricing, case-studies at a go. It can help you establish a credibility of your company, your team, service offering, pricing


What is the purpose of the SEO proposal?

This important document has two purposes:

  • To persuade the reader that your SEO services are valuable for their business.
  • To persuade the reader that your SEO firm is the one for the job.

You can use an SEO proposal any time when you want to get a new client or if you have an existing client that wants a new set of SEO services from your firm. 

Business owners normally ask for multiple proposals from multiple SEO agencies to decide which one is the best fit for their SEO needs. SEO proposal helps business owners shortlist, decide, and even in some cases award work to a specific firm.

SEO proposal - Purpose
Why use SEO proposal template

Why should you use a template for your SEO proposal?

You need certain elements in your proposal, whenever you present your SEO services to potential clients such as the evaluation of the client’s pain points that you can fix with your SEO services, the list of goals for the SEO campaign, a realistic timeline showing each phase of the campaign and the estimated cost.

  • It increases efficiency: Instead of creating a new SEO proposal every time to every prospective client, one can really save huge time by building a proposal structure with pre-filled pitch information. But with a ready-to-use SEO proposal template in hand, all you’ll need to do is insert the new information in the correct places of the template and you are good to go.
  • It gives you consistency: SEO proposal template comes with a consistent flow of text and other content. It provides a standard layout, looks, and feel to all your proposals. It guarantees that the standard text (page number, date/time, company name, location), relevant graphics (company logo), and company information (contact details) are shown exactly in the same position on each page without any errors.
  • It makes the process less stressful: One of the core benefits of an SEO proposal template is that it’ll save you from frustration. It will give you more power, more options, and more freedom. It’ll help you reduce your rework time. Having a template on the go will ensure that you don’t have to waste your time in researching and creating another one from the top. 

SEO Proposal template is not a static document, it can evolve with new learnings

Things that stop prospects from signing on your SEO marketing proposal

Business proposal failures are often caused by mistakes that can be easily avoided with a little bit of attention to detail and strategic planning. Here are the two most common mistakes digital marketing agencies make when creating an SEO marketing proposal:

  • Lack of details: In order to keep it brief, short, and concise; many times digital marketers sacrifice the details. Because of lacking details, prospective clients may assume that you’re not the best person to identify their problems and help initiate changes. 
  • It is not personalized as per your client’s needs: The greatest crime of any SEO proposal is failing to understand the client and their needs. 

Following are important points you must include in your SEO proposal

  •  Cover letter that pitches your services, expertise to address client’s pain areas
  • How you will manage SEO for client – on-page, off-page, technical SEO techniques
  • How long it will take for certain aspects to reflect in ranking?
  • Practical guidance about what-when to expect, challenges involved in each kind of SEO


SEO proposal Challenges
Winning SEO proposal

Tips for an effective SEO Proposal

So now you’ve got some new prospects lined up to whom you want to pitch your SEO services, all you need is a solid sales proposal that’ll help you outline your SEO services in an outstanding way. 

We’re going to give you some amazing tips to make your SEO proposal effective and ideal.


  1. Initial consulting: Before you even begin writing your SEO proposal, make sure you sit down and talk to your prospects about their needs.
  2. Initial research: Start with your initial research based on the information provided by your lead. 
  3. Build a customizable SEO proposal: We’d suggest you find every other opportunity to make your SEO proposal template customized as per your prospect’s specific needs. Offer them specific strategies and tricks which will help them accomplish their goal.
  4. Include case studies: With SEO services, buyers sometimes need help to understand how your services fit their situation or the problems they are facing. And a well-written case study is a story that talks about how your services have improved one of your customer’s business and made a positive impact on their business growth. 

What clients usually expect from SEO experts?

When your prospective client thinks about hiring an SEO agency, they have many questions and concepts in their minds, so your SEO proposal must answer all those questions beforehand. Here’s a list of some of those questions, 

  • What’s their philosophy of approaching SEO to deliver results?
  • How will they adapt that strategy to our business?
  • What metrics “define” success for them?
  • How long will it be until we can expect to see the results?
  • How do they report on progress?

Top SEO firms never fail to address these questions in their SEO proposal.

SEO proposal - What clients expect

Best Practices to Close More Deals with SEO Proposal

The secret to winning more and more deals lies in understanding the client’s behavior, discovering what exactly they want, and then presenting that information in the order that guides them to make the deal. That’s why we are providing four of the most essential proposal writing best practices to get what you want with your SEO proposal,

1. Follow the right path

Set up a meet or a call with your prospect and discuss their objectives, goals, and vision for their SEO campaign (by not pitching your “big ideas”). Focus on deeply understanding the client’s desires and objectives.

After the initial call if there are still more open questions about the client’s goals, needs, and vision for the campaign, schedule the second call, and clarify more details.

2. Uncover your client’s needs in your SEO proposal

Write a proposal that summarizes everything that you and your prospect discussed over a call. Below are the key questions you must address in your SEO proposal,

  • What does the client expect to get out of your SEO services?
  • What am I explicitly proposing to resolve the problem?
  • How are these offerings going to help the client with their business?
  • What more can I do to solve the client’s problem?

3. Reveal the details of your SEO campaign package

The following are the most common SEO solutions you must include in your proposal,

  • Full website audit
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Accessibility & Indexibilty testing
  • Link building
  • On-page and off-page analysis
  • Content optimization

This portion of your SEO proposal should give specific details about the work you’ll be doing

4. Conclude your SEO proposal to ensure it’s persuasive

While other portions of your SEO proposal are crucial to move ahead but the effective conclusion is the most critical element of the overall document. This final overview should provide the analysis that connects all the key points 






Is your SEO proposal customizable?

Yes absolutely! All parts of your template are 100% editable and customizable. Open your SEO proposal template in an “editing mode” and customize it to create your own that suits your brand. The text, color, images everything is customizable.

Can clients sign the SEO proposal online?

Absolutely! With the online signature, you can provide a seamless digital experience to your prospects and save everyone from the hassle of printing, signing, scanning, and sending physical copies of your proposals. This will allow you to seal the deal faster.

Does it offer interactive pricing?

Yes, it does have an interactive pricing table, meaning if you want, the client can change the quantity, select/deselect services and s/he can check the final total (again configurable) along with applicable taxes & discounts. 

Can I export or save this SEO proposal as PDF?

Sure you can. You and your client can download the proposal PDF for future reference.You can also configure whether to allow your clients to download the PDF or not, before signing & accepting the proposal. 

Can I add images, videos in an SEO proposal?

Totally! You can give your SEO proposal an elegant & branded touch by adding images or you can show your best work to your prospects by adding videos.


Does your SEO proposal also include an SEO contract?

Yes, we do have a sample proposal content and a sample contract for your use. It comes with a section that includes an SEO contract, terms on services terms, and an online signature. Please note, even though this proposal comes with an SEO contract but we are not legal experts, seek legal expert’s opinions about the T&C mentioned in this section before sending a proposal to your clients.

What are types of special SEO services proposals one can offer?

SEO services are used across industries and sector. If you are already working with clients who work in eCommerce sector, you can create & offer SEO for eCommerce proposal. Similarly you can have SEO Proposal for Real Estate, SEO Proposal for Dentists, SEO Proposal for Lawyer, SEO Proposal for Restaurant, SEO Proposal for SaaS, SEO Proposal for Plumbing, SEO Proposal for Financial Advisors, SEO Audit Proposal, and best SEO Proposal .


Cover Letter

Dear {ClientFirstName},

It was a pleasure to discuss search engine optimization for {ClientCompanyName} during our last meeting. We appreciate the opportunity to share our experience and resources that helped set up AWESOME Proposals Inc as a leading digital marketing agency.

{ClientCompanyName} current visitor’s track rate is 2120 per month and visitor to lead rate is 1.8%. As per our discussion, your goal is to drive 5000 visits per month and turn a visitor to a lead rate close to 4.5% – 5%.

It’s time to optimize the {ClientCompanyName} website to perform well with the search engines in an increasingly competitive environment. As a company, we have 10+ years of experience in the industry of digital marketing and so far we’ve helped 550+ clients to rank on the first page of different search engines.

Hiring AWESOME Proposals Inc to build and manage customized SEO strategy will allow {ClientCompanyName} to achieve the above objectives.

The attached proposal will describe to you that AWESOME Proposals Inc has the ability to bring together all those vital factors to overcome the challenges and help you achieve your goal in 6 months.

We look forward to welcoming you. We will call you next Monday to answer all your queries you might have and discuss the further steps.



Scope of SEO Services

Here’s what includes in our SEO campaign package, 

Full Website Audit 

The first thing we will do is start collecting the data to learn about where you rank and this will be done by our crawling tools. Because we want to make sure if your site can be explored by the search engines or not. We will have a look at your Google analytics and traffic flow.


As the name says, we will determine if Google and the potential visitors are able to access your pages or not. We will review the following,

  • Robots.txt
  • Robots meta tags
  • XML sitemaps
  • Redirects 


Once we determine search engines can access the pages now we will test if those pages are presented in the search engine after being accessed or not. We will perform indexing by checking the cached version and compare it to the actual version. This will be done by running some search queries on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

On-page Analysis 

Now, after making sure that people and robots can access your website and that everything is in working condition. We will review this from the SEO perspective, whether you have any topics that have nothing to do with the website. We will look at the following items, 


Off-page Analysis 

Now after done with the technical and the on-page analysis it’s time to review the off-page ranking. The off-page analysis will help us determine how popular your website is

Competitive Analysis 

After analyzing and dealing with internal issues, we will now compare all the items listed above with your competitors and handover the final data to you. 

SEO Project Timeline

If we want to ensure that we’ve accomplished everything accurately, our timeline would proceed as follow,

Phase 1 SEO Audit (3 weeks): Set up and use SEO Audit tools such as Google Analytics, etc. and preparation of audit report

Phase 2 Analyzing SEO Audit Findings (1 week): Use findings from the SEO Audit reports and identify SEO campaign activities to be taken up on priority and sequencing those activities

Phase 3 Executing SEO Strategy (6 weeks): Execution of the SEO Strategy

SEO proposal timeline


At XYZ Company we help businesses leverage SEO that drives traffic, brand engagement, and most importantly ROI. As a B2C and B2B marketing agency, we analyze every aspect of your online presence and develop a unique and customized SEO campaign for every client.

Founded in 2012, the company continues to evolve, improve, and thrive. What sets us apart is our culture of putting passion into practice. Having designed strategies for every sort of customer and industry is what makes us a leading SEO agency.

Terms of Agreement


{Client_company} agrees to make initial payment at the time this contract is signed in order for {sender_company} to undertake the work mentioned in the proposal. Once the {client_company} makes the initial payment, the new contract will be constructed with a definite timeline for execution and specific terms of payments.


{Sender_comapny} guarantees that the work will be done in a respectful way and that all the work carried out under this agreement will be the original work of {sender_company}. {client_company} will not face any copyright issues.


If {sender_company} or{client_company} choose to terminate the contract, {sender_company} reserves the right to obtain payment for the services that have been provided. 


Once you feel confident about everything and are ready to move forward, please click on the “sign here” button. Once we receive notification about your acceptance we will contact you to discuss further steps.                                                                  



To access and download the SEO proposal template

Advantages of Proposal Templates

Proposal Templates Software

Make The Best First Impression: Hook Them Up

When your client receives your proposal, they would want to open it right away. Use this free proposal template to get the reactions like, “Wow”, “Cool”, “These guys are impressive” 

Ready to Use Templates : Save Time

Get your  proposal in front of your prospects quickly so that you don’t lose the next business. Pick this ready to use polished proposal template and outrank your competitors. No more struggling with proposal pieces.

Advantages of Proposal Templates - 100% Editable

100% Customizable: Make It Your Thing

These templates are 100% editable and customizable. Pick your free proposal template and customize it to suit your brand. The sections, text, color, images everything can be changed.

Advantages of Proposal Templates - Clear Structure

Clean Structure: Easy Navigation

With clean structure in your proposal, you can make it super easy for your clients to uncover, understand your proposal better. Clear structure helps your clients to set their expectations, right from the beginning.

Advantages of Proposal Templates  - Interactive Quotation / Pricing

Interactive Quotation / Pricing

This proposal template has interactive quotation; meaning if you want, client can change quantity, select/deselect services and s/he can check final total (again configurable) along with applicable taxes & discounts

Advantages of Proposal Templates  - Interactive Quotation / Pricing

Download and Save as PDF

Would you ever need proposals in Microsoft Word format? I doubt. With online editor, tracking for proposal, you are better off with Fresh Proposals software. You can also download proposal PDF file.


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Send Professionally Designed Proposals. Clients Will Readily Prefer You

Photography Proposal Template

100 % Customizable Template

This professionally designed proposal template is 100 % editable. You can modify its design, fonts, images as well as content as you wish. Plus save proposal as a PDF.

Corporate Photography Proposal Template - Portfolio

Show Your Best Work

Include your portfolio of photoshoots, images as well as videos in your proposal. Let your prospect/ client experience your capabilities, skills better

Corporate Photography Proposal Template - Quote

Interactive Quote

One time fees or recurring / hourly pricing; no worry. Simply include your fees item and let your prospect change quantity or select option things.

Corporate Photography Proposal Template - Online Editor

Drag-n-Drop Content Editor

You have lot more flexibility and superior control how your proposal is going to look like. You can drag-drop desired content using online editor.

Corporate Photography Proposal Template - Get Prospects Insights

Track Prospect Insights

Know exactly how your prospective client is interactive with your proposals. Use these insights to smartly convert your prospects into customers.

Corporate Photography Proposal Template - Online Signature

Online Signature, Acceptance

Be that forward looking vendor who uses cutting edge tools and technologies. You will be sending proposal that your clients can sign online.


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