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May 08, 2019

8 Benefits of Using Online Proposal Tool Over Microsoft Word

benefits of using online proposal tool over Microsoft Word

Obvious Benefits of Using Online Proposal Tool

Online proposal software gives you a new way to send your proposal, quotation, contract, statement of work (SoW) and so on, to your clients. Most businesses (I am pretty sure more than 85%) use Microsoft Word and emails to share proposals with their client. Microsoft Word is an amazing word processor tool and we have used it for decades.

But there are certain limitations when it comes to using MS Word. You realize these limits not only you are about to write your first proposal but also when you keep writing hundreds of them in a month. On the other hand, online proposals tools have some great features and give us much greater control to make every proposal look as much best as possible, but without spending the entire day to get it right. Let’s see how.

By the way, the idea of this post is not to bash MS word, but to highlight the benefits of using an online proposal management software over Microsoft Word. 

So let’s get started.

Following are the top 8 reasons to use a proposal software over a Microsoft word

1. Forget Copy-Paste & Save Hours by Using Templates

benefits of using online proposal tool

If you are writing a proposal starting with a blank page, generally we keep scratching our head where to begin. Online proposal software solves all the challenges your sales team faces when managing sales proposals and gives you a great head-start with ready-made, industry-specific sales proposal templates which save many hours and help your sales team boost productivity. Most relevant information for your industry is captured in the proposal, plus you do not have to worry much about formatting. If you already have proposals in the tool unlike Copy-Paste in word, searching specific page, the section is pretty easy. Inserting an existing page or section is even easier than MS Project.

Templates have some obvious benefits for your business if you decide to use them.

2. More Accuracy and Consistency

Using template and placeholder tags ( also know as merge-tags or variable-tags), your sales proposal, the quotation becomes more accurate and consistent. There will not be instances of incorrect references to other client names or company names; which usually happens when one copy-pastes while using MS Word. Thus business proposal templates and placeholder tags make your proposal more accurate but also take time to write a proposal from hours to minutes.

3. Use Beautifully Designed Online Proposals

The proposal templates offered in online proposal software are designed carefully. I take into account fonts sizes, spaces across templates, the images used/displayed look perfect every time. The design of the proposal in terms of look and feel of making it perfect. Plus the proposal will always look perfect on any device be it desktop, laptop, iPhone or iPad.

There is a difference between pizza and gourmet pizza.

Similarly, there is a difference between proposal automation software like MS Word and good proposal software. A good proposal software goes beyond just editing the document. Understand more about what is proposal software.

4. Leave Best-First & Long Lasting Impression On Your Clients

The use of well-crafted templates will make a perfect first impression and it is going to be a long-lasting one. Right from the time the client looks at the email inviting him to view the proposal, to covers pages, aesthetic chosen images, embedded videos. Your client will definitely get impressed with your proposal.

Learn more about different types of proposal softwares.

5. Securely Seal Your Deals Quicker and Faster

Online proposal software offers a built-in digital signature (a must-have feature of a proposal software) which your prospective client can use to sign its name online to accept and approve your proposal legally. The use of security certificate for online proposal make it secure as well.

6. Track Client’s Interaction with Your Proposal

Online proposal tool provides precise intelligence to help you track client interaction with the proposal, such as the number of times the client was on a particular page, how much time has s/he spent on a given page/section, etc. Accordingly, you are in a better position to communicate with clients.

7. Know The Right Time to Follow up With Client

Based on the analytics and intelligence provided by the online proposal software, you are very well ready for your client interaction to the winning side. The moment your client opens the proposal, you are notified, other notifications will also allow you to time your follow-up in a most calibrated way. Such an awesome trick simply isn’t available if you keep using MS Word.

8. Integrate Your CRM Easily

If you are already using CRM software, you can make your CRM tool to work with the online proposal creation software easily. These tool’s integration will allow you to see better information in CRM tool and vice-versa.

Here’s why you should consider switching to a sophisticated proposal management tool. Check out the below comparisons,

Also, explore the list of proposal software for your sector/industry.

Best proposal software for your industry:

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