Fresh Proposals Vs DocuSign

DocuSign Alternatives


Which one is superior for digitally signing your sales proposals?


Fresh Proposals VsDocuSign

Looking for DocuSign alternatives?

Here’s one for you!!!!

After putting together a kickass sales proposal to turn your hot potential clients into new clients, you hit send, sit back and wait.

And wait…wait…wait

Do you know there is a better way to get your clients to quickly sign your proposals? That’s right! This post is going to be about an unbiased comparison between an independent and all-in-one tool.

Here’s is a face-off between an independent electronic signature tool vs a proposal software.

Why do you need an electronic signature?

Physical sign-off comes with its own struggle of sending the document to one individual, get print, sign, and scan, sending the same document to the next individual, and then again repeating the process down the line

You need to keep up with the trend if you want to be successful in the marketing industry. Innovations are meant for

  • making certain processes easier
  • saving time
  • boosting efficiency

E-signature is one of the digital transformations that you need to implement in your sales proposal. 

Key Benefits of E-Signature,

  • Makes overall signing procedure convenient to them.
  • E-signature not only provides a seamless experience to your prospect but it also saves everyone’s time by eliminating the entire process of printing, signing, scanning, and sending physical copies of your proposal.
  • With Electronic sign-off you not only save on time and money but you also save on paper.


Fresh Proposals

proposal templates - comparing Fresh Proposals Vs docusign

What is it?

Fresh Proposals is online proposal software that helps take your proposal process to the next level. The essential purpose of this tool is to enable the sales team to create, manage, send, track, and get the business proposals signed.

Best Features of Fresh Proposals

Fresh Proposals not only saves every organization from the hassle of printing, signing, scanning, and sending physical copies of your proposals by providing a seamless digital experience with a built-in electronic signature but it also offers features like,

– 100% Customizable Proposal Templates 

Business proposal templates not only help you get started very quickly but also offer convenience. You do not have to keep copy-pasting (unlike writing proposals with Microsoft Word) or editing information such as client name, customer name, address, etc from one proposal to another.

– Advanced Analytics

A dedicated page for proposal analytics and in-depth data. You can also check how much time has passed since the prospect has last-viewed your proposal. You can take the most suitable and pro-active action based on this information.

– Content Library, Reusable Sections

Want to use the existing section from another template or proposal? No problem. Simply save it to the content library and use it in the desired proposal or template. You can also keep updating the proposal and revert to saved copy in the content library if something goes wrong.

– Proposal Interaction

You get a precise intel about how prospects interact with your proposals. Once the prospect opens your proposal, know detailed insights in terms of how many times s/he has viewed the proposal, which all pages viewed, how long, etc.

– Easy Integration

If you are already using CRM software, you can make your CRM tool to work with the online proposal easily. 

Areas Where Fresh Proposals Falls Short

It supports e signature (currently) but does not support a digital signature but for basic and legal purpose design e-signature is still valid in all parts of the world.


What is it?

DocuSign is a tool for electronic signatures and approvals. From sales proposals and offer letters to account openings and invoices, DocuSign allows organizations to send and sign all kinds of documents practically from anywhere and at any time.

Best Features of DocuSign

  • You can integrate and connect eSignature with the systems and tools you already use.
  • It saves time and standardizes processes by storing frequently used agreements along with their custom fields, recipient routing, and other settings.
  • You can easily add or remove signers or people that need to get a copy of the agreement.

Areas Where DocuSign Falls Short

  • Document storage has a quick expiry, so if you forget to update or download anything you might lose it forever.
  • After signing a document if there is a need for revision then you’ll have to completely nullify the document first, correct the signature and reissue it again. In short, you can not edit your signature once it is added.

Now its Your Call

So before we sum up we’d like to underline that DocuSign is not a specialized proposal software it’s an independent electronic signature tool, then what is a proposal software and why do you need one?

Now it’s your call,

Would you like to go ahead and use an independent electronic signature tool or would you prefer to opt for a proposal software that not only offers electronic signatures but much more than that?

Fresh Proposals Vs DocuSign - Proposal Software Alternatives

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