Comparing proposal software alternatives

Fresh Proposals Vs MS PowerPoint


Which one is superior for presenting your sales proposals?


Fresh Proposals Vs MS PowerPoint
The content in your proposal might be excellent but if you fail to present it well, all the efforts can go in vain. A typical monotonous proposal doesn’t influence the client to read furthermore. The face of a sales proposal has changed. But many companies still serve their information via text and then again keep wondering about the low conversion rate.

How Important is a Proposal Presentation to Winning an Opportunity?

Freshproposals vs MS PowerPoint

In this day and age, you can’t have a general sales proposal approach; they have to be cutting edge to dazzle your potential clients. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your prospect notices every bit of your sales proposal without a single distraction? Of course, it would be.

Today’s selling world has become more competitive than ever before, even the buyers have become more sophisticated. Only a great proposal presentation can help you win an opportunity. And great proposal presentation starts with the tools you use to build the layout of proposals. But not all the tools are created equally. So, let’s find out. This post is going to be about an unbiased comparison between an independent and all-in-one tool. 

Here’s is a face-off between a widely-used Microsoft PowerPoint vs a leading-edge Proposal Management Software.

Fresh Proposals

proposal templates - comparing Fresh Proposals Vs MS PowerPoint

What is it?

Fresh Proposals is an online proposal management tool that helps take your proposal process to the next level. The essential purpose of this tool is to enable the sales team to create, present, send, and track the business proposals.

Best Features of Fresh Proposals

Fresh Proposals not only help the sales team in the process of proposal creation and presentation but it also offers more features like,

100% Customizable Proposal Templates 

Proposal templates allow you to get started very quickly by using an already existing template. You do not have to keep copy-pasting (unlike creating proposals with Microsoft PowerPoint) or editing information such as client name, customer name, address, etc from one proposal to another.

Advanced Analytics

A dedicated page for proposal analytics and in-depth data. You can also check how much time has passed since the prospect has last-viewed your proposal. You can take the most suitable and pro-active action based on this information. 

Content Library, Reusable Sections

Want to use the existing section from another template or proposal? No problem. Simply save it to the content library and use it in the desired proposal or template. You can also keep updating the proposal and revert to saved copy in the content library if something goes wrong.

Proposal Interaction

You get a precise intel about how prospects interact with your proposals. Once the prospect opens your proposal, know detailed insights in terms of how many times s/he has viewed the proposal, which all pages viewed, how long, etc.

Easy Integration

If you are already using CRM software, you can make your CRM tool to work with the online proposal easily. 

Easy Sign-off with e-signature

It saves every organization from the hassle of printing, signing, scanning, and sending physical copies of your proposals by providing a seamless digital experience with a built-in electronic signature.

Areas Where Fresh Proposals Falls Short

Unlike Microsoft PowerPoint, Fresh Proposals does not have those animations effects.

MS PowerPoint

What is it?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a software that allows users to create anything from basic slide shows to complex presentations. It is often used to create business presentations or business proposals. Introduced in 1990, today Microsoft PowerPoint has over 1 billion installs and 500 million users.

Best Features of DocuSign

  • PowerPoint works well for proposals because it’s designed for visuals, and not for text.
  • You can combine text, media content, and graphics to create a professional presentation.
  • You can create interactive sale proposals using PowerPoint animations.

Areas Where DocuSign Falls Short

  • There’s not much of a space on a PowerPoint slide, so it’s hard to pack in too much writing, forcing you to stick to the point. 
  • Standard PowerPoint templates have now become quite cliche and it can affect the overall impact of your sales proposal presentation. If you want your prospect to remember you, you have to go beyond PowerPoint.
  • Most of the presentation slide templates are simple or generic

Now its Your Call

We understand the simplicity and ease of use that has made the PowerPoint a tool that everyone can leverage, but in the age of the digital workplace, don’t you think that the same simplicity can make you feel outdated? 

There is no doubt that PowerPoint proposals are ideal when you make your pitch in person first and then leave a PDF proposal of what you’ve presented. But it’s less useful when it comes to unsolicited approaches. 

However, on the other hand, if you wish to impress your clients in both solicited and unsolicited approaches with stunning online proposals and streamline your sales process then here’s your all-in-one proposal software

So before we sum up we’d like to underline that MS PowerPoint is not a specialized proposal software it’s a presentation tool, then what is a proposal software and why do you need one?

Now it’s your call.

Would you like to go ahead and use a presentation tool or would you prefer to opt for a proposal software that not only helps you create and design stunning proposals but much more than that?

Start your free trial now.  

Fresh Proposals Vs MS PowerPoint - Proposal Software Alternatives

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