Comparing proposal software alternatives

Fresh Proposals Vs Canva


Which one is superior for creating and designing your sales proposals?


Fresh Proposals Vs Canva

Selling and design go hand in hand.

Business proposals are the necessary part of every sales process but they’re also the hardest documents to compose. There are many stages involved in the process of proposal creation from planning, to design, to evaluation to achieve a winning bid. 

A cluttered and verbose sales proposal can be a real turn off to your prospective clients. It sends a message that you didn’t care enough to make your proposal look good. In this day and age, your sales proposal doesn’t have to be a crazy formal document, as long as you are presenting it to the bank or the investor.

Does Design Really Add Value to your Business Proposal?

Well honestly, it does. 

The design has become more important to business proposals than ever before. The time has come where you need to create a glamorous living sales proposal (but also keeping the sales proposal checklist in mind) that will shine and help you win the deal. There are many areas where design has an important role to play in adding value to your business proposals.

  • Design can take the complex language of data or the information in your proposal translate them into easy to understand format.
  • A well-designed proposal encourages readers to open up and explore the contents in it. 
  • A great design helps you make the best first impression. 

There is a rise in online tools to ease and enhance the process of proposal development. But not all the tools are created equally. So, let’s find out. This post is going to be about an unbiased comparison between an exclusive and all-in-one tool. 

Here’s is a face-off between a widely-used Canva vs a leading-edge proposal software.

Fresh Proposals

proposal templates - comparing Fresh Proposals Vs canva

What is it?

Fresh Proposals is an online proposal management tool that helps take your proposal process to the next level. It eliminates the stress in the process of proposal creation and makes it easier for your sales team to design professional-looking proposals with a powerful drag-and-drop editor and easy to use controls.

Best Features of Fresh Proposals

Fresh Proposals not only help the sales team in the process of proposal creation and design but it also offers more features like,

– 100% Customizable Proposal Templates 

Proposal templates allow you to get started very quickly by using an already existing template. You do not have to keep copy-pasting (unlike creating proposals with MS Word) or editing information such as client name, customer name, address, etc from one proposal to another.

– Team Collaboration

Sales proposal isn’t about writing and designing proposals along; in today’s time, it’s about identifying client’s specific needs, being responsive. Fresh Proposals software facilitates interaction among internal team members. Proposal team members can add their comments specific for a given proposal. It enables your conversation with prospects/ clients after the proposal is sent, staying on top of things happening with your sales proposal, and more. 

– Advanced Analytics

A dedicated page for proposal analytics and in-depth data. You can also check how much time has passed since the prospect has last-viewed your proposal. You can take the most suitable and pro-active action based on this information.

– Content Library, Reusable Sections

Want to use the existing section from another template or proposal? No problem. Simply save it to the content library and use it in the desired proposal or template. You can also keep updating the proposal and revert to saved copy in the content library if something goes wrong.

– Proposal Interaction

You get a precise intel about how prospects interact with your proposals. Once the prospect opens your proposal, know detailed insights in terms of how many times s/he has viewed the proposal, which all pages viewed, how long, etc.

– Easy Integration

If you are already using CRM software, you can make your CRM tool to work with the online proposal easily. 

– Easy Sign-off with e-signature

It saves every organization from the hassle of printing, signing, scanning, and sending physical copies of your proposals by providing a seamless digital experience with a built-in electronic signature.

Areas Where Fresh Proposals Falls Short

Unlike Canva, Freshproposals supports a limited number of Google fonts. It doesn’t support custom fonts as of now but yes in near future, you will be able to upload your own fonts. 


What is it?

Canva is a graphic-design tool for creating marketing material, business documents, proposals & presentations using a drag & drop editor, professional layouts, and a library of design templates. 

Best Features of Canva

  • Canva has an extensive selection of different templates to use, as well as objects to create templates that are great for whatever you need.
  • The interface is extremely user-friendly…anyone can use it. It’s easy to use even for someone whos just starting.
  • The design editor is pretty simple. You don’t need to be familiar with Photoshop, InDesign, or other programs, Canva makes editing pretty easy.

Areas Where Canva Falls Short

  • There is not a way that you can collaborate with others from within. It would be great if they developed a feature to do that.
  • You can not include a picture directly into your design, you have to first upload it on Canva and then use it in the design.
  • There are more templates and search functionality on mobile apps than on the website. You sometimes have to find a design idea on the app then save it and use it on the web app.

So before we sum up we’d like to underline that Canva is not a specialized proposal software it’s an independent graphic-design tool, then what is a proposal software and why do you need one?

Now it’s your call.

Would you like to go ahead and use an independent graphic design tool or would you prefer to opt for a proposal  software that not only helps you create and design stunning proposals but much more than that?


Fresh Proposals Vs Canva - Proposal Software Alternatives

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